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Paving & Kerbing

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SITS Trading Paving and Kerbing plan’s each site to the finest of detail before commencing the job. We believe that a paving job that is well planned out is a paving job of success. SITS Trading paving is a well defined task and it is only through proper planning that we are able to achieve success every time. The excavation and/or ground work of SITS Trading is world class. We spare no expense in creating the finest base for a sublime finish. Placing the actual paving is a skill that we have honed and perfected over the years. SITS Trading places the paving with speed and accuracy that places us in the top of civil pavers in South Africa.

SITS Trading has an act for creating kerbing structures that will leave you standing in awe. SITS Trading guarantees speed and efficiency when it comes to kerbs. Kerbing is a task only suited for the bold and professional and SITS Trading follows the highest of standards. SITS Trading takes great care in planning the entire process of kerbs. The base and/or foundation of the kerbs, is of paramount importance to SITS Trading and great care is given to this. SITS Trading is keen on detail when it comes to maintaining a precise line. SITS Trading insists on perfect edges and cornering of kerbs will always be precise. When SITS Trading completes a job of kerbs the construction site will portray a sublime site of world class kerbing.