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Optic Fibre Installation

Never look directly into the end of any optical fiber unless it is certain that no light is present in the fiber. Laser light can damage your eyes.

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Stormwater & Subsoil Drainage

The system offers ease of installation, is flexible and comprises a lightweight product (cheap and easy to transport). It is used as an alternative to the conventional

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Paving & Kerbing

SITS Trading Paving and Kerbing plan’s each site to the finest of detail before commencing the job. We believe that a paving job that is well planned out is…

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We deliver on time, within budget and to specifications. Where others just say it … we actually do it. Our management team has R1 billion in successful,

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Tiling Services

We have many years of experience in commercial tiling and have built a rather excellent working relationship with our clients.

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Rubble Removal

SITS Trading Projects understands the importance of offering a reliable clearance service, especially in your line of work.

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